Sunday, March 2, 2014

and GO

To the awesome wanderer:

Let me begin by telling you what an avid blogger and internet pioneer you are. For you to be reading this post, the first post, of this unknown and hopefully prospective "hidden-gem" blog of sorts, is awesome. Have faith in me and this blog, because if it turns out as I plan and hope it will, you will be that person that gives me that push in the right direction (and I promise to try and do the same always). You guys will see how much I love my craft which is makeup artistry. There is more to me than meets the eye. I like makeup, but I also like photography, and I've attempted to knit (if that counts). I love to travel, and whenever I can I always save up for the next adventure. I am a full time student, and me and my mom are all we've got so I always help er anyway I can. But, right now, I'm being give a chance to follow my dreams. I've never sat down to think about how I could hone my skills, or evolve what I love into a career because I've never had the time being head of household and all. I'm guessing this blog will evolve in time, along with me, and the chances life gives me that could affect everything.
Let me keep this brief:
I'll post up pics of makeup I am using as well as makeup looks I have recreated
I'll show you products that I consider dupes of higher-end and much pricier products, you know, for the people that want to look cute and still have money left over to afford that awesome vacation.
My best friend bleeds thrift store finds, A.K.A pieces with a cool story and even better price tag. Maybe we can collab. I'll figure this out, no worries.
I also want to incorporate DIY stuff.
Maybe some pictures of places around here for NYC natives and tourists to check out. Keepin' it local.

If anyone has tips, advice, or wants to me (the chick behind this) show some amour,  you have no idea how much I would appreciate it and cherish it.

Love & XOXO's

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