Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sigma Brush Dupes

Sigma brushes are bombbb don't get me wrong. 
Sick fluffy brush heads
Flawless application for all the chicks that want an airbrush finish ( who doesn't...)
& they just look and feel like a million bucks.

BUT.... they are pricey. By all means if you've got the mula for it GET YOURSELF A STARTER PACK. So this could be your plan A.

Now, your back up plan could be these babies that I just got from Royal Cosmetics
I have used them, and even though they aren't as bristle packed as the sigma orig. brushes, they  get the job done. They are great dupes. I got these 4 for around $17.00. They're similar to the ones listed below:

 F80 - Flat Kabuki
 F86 - Tapered Kabuki 
 F82 - Round Kabuki
 F84 - Angled Kabuki
Love & XOXO's

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